Plenty Hair Densifying Spray



A strengthening, thickening and densifying hair care spray made with natural active ingredients. Nourishes and balances the scalp and hair roots. For visibly thicker and fuller hair.


  • A daily continuous use of the product is necessary to decrease the hair loss. A bottle of 60 ml provides 2 months of treatment.


  • Allow 3 months of continuous use to see the first density results. (Get a 5% discount when you buy 2 bottles)


  • Optimal hair growth results will appear after 6 months of continuous use, therefore a total of 3 bottles. (Get a 10% discount when you buy 3 bottles)

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Use Plenty Hair Densifying Spray and Plenty Hair Complex together to reach your best hair growth potential.

Plenty Hair Densifying Spray
Helps to stop hair loss and induce hair regrowth in as soon as 3-4 months.

Plenty Hair Complex
Fights hair loss caused by vitamin deficiency. Helps to achieve healthier, good looking hair.

Plenty Hair Densifying Spray


  1. It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women to consume dietary and herbal supplements during pregnancy.

    Hence, we do not recommend Plenty Hair Complex nor Plenty Hair Densifying Spray for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

  2. Our Plenty Hair Densifying Spray is a Triple Hair’s Therapy-16 product.

    No major side effects were reported in Therapy-16’s Clinical Trials. However, we found that people with white, grey or very pale hair may experience hair color change where the product is applied. Stop using the product if hair color change occurs.

    Make sure to use the product as directed.
    Consult a doctor and discontinue use if severe itchiness occurs.

  3. Everyone is different!

    Although we have seen some regrowth levels after as soon as 1 month of continuous daily usage, the first results should appear around 3 to 4 months*. The first growth can show up as fine soft hair and will grow thicker and darker over time. The treatment must be continued to obtain thicker hair and to maintain regrowth results.

    *Results based on Triple Hair’s Therapy-16 clinical trials and third party study.

  4. Plenty Hair Densifying Spray is a fixed-dose combination of ingredients that works synergistically when applied once a day.

    Although we have seen great results on patients using the product twice a day, we do not have sufficient data to confirm it helps hair grow faster.

    Always use Plenty products as indicated on the label.

  5. Plenty Hair Densifying Spray was not tested on advanced stages of Female Pattern Baldness. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the success of regrowth in this case.

  6. A 60 ml bottle of Plenty Hair Densifying Spray lasts about 1-2 months, depending on the scalp areas to be treated.

    Use 1 ml (5 sprays) of the product on every area to be treated.

  7. Plenty Hair Densifying Spray is intended for continuous daily use. You will see results as long as you keep using the product.

    In the case of Female Pattern Baldness, stopping the treatment would cause your hair to return to its original state within a few months gradually.

  8. Hair loss is multifactorial and can be tied to genetic, stress, hormones, vitamin deficiency, and more. Our products were conceived to target different causes of hair loss and work synergistically to help you grow hair more efficiently.

    While the Plenty Hair Densifying Spray helps you grow hair, the Plenty Hair Complex ensures you don’t suffer from vitamin deficiency and have the key vitamins you need to grow healthier, good-looking hair.

    Use Plenty Hair Densifying Spray and Plenty Hair Complex together to reach your best hair growth potential.

  9. Yes! You can share your Plenty Natural products with the men of your household.

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